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Asid Boric Vaginal Yeast Infection -How to prevent when on antibiotics?

acid voric infection vaginal yeast
asid boric infection vaginal yeast

How to prevent acid boric vaginal yeast infection when on antibiotics?
I've never had a acid boric vaginal yeast infection, but I am beginning to believe I may have one. I know the clearish thin discharge is normal for women, but occasionally I will have a thicker white discharge that does have an odor. I have no reddish, itching or burning. Any suggestions ?
Every time I am prescribed any anti-biotic, I get a acid boric vaginal yeast infection. Can a doctor prescribe something to fight off the yeast in advance or is there a reliable way to prevent it with home remedy or diet?
Now that I got that off my chest let me move on.....
I too am a sufferer of acid boric vaginal yeast infections while on antibiotics, it is really a pain BUT, here are a few tips to avoid or deal with them!
1.) Take acidophiles while on the antibiotic. Yogurt does NOT have enough alone to fight off the yeast from antibiotics. you'd have to eat a yogurt factory to actually help. Eating 1 container a day is only good for ibs (irritable bowel syndrom)
I eat yogurt every day and still get acid boric vaginal yeast infections while on certain medications so, I would not suggest that as a cure for your problem, You need more than what these people are suggesting!
Get the acidophiles that you store in the frig, from GNC with Live cultures, Take 2 in the morning and 2 before bed.
2.) Explain to your doctor that you get acid boric vaginal yeast infections and ask for a pill Diflucan, that fights yeast while on this.
3.) Get a couple boxes of monistat while on this.

I know acid boric vaginal yeast infections are annoying while taking other antibiotics but, I have learned how to deal with them by the 3 above choices.
Good Luck and happy healing!
I get them too!
Yogurt will help, but if it doesn't do the trick, call your doctor and ask for a Diflucan. It's a acid boric vaginal yeast infection treatment that just involves taking one pill. I always keep one on hand.
The best and easiest thing to do is to eat yogurt every day. The yogurt has to have active cultures in it or you can get a pill called acidophilus. You can also get milk with acidophilus which is very easy if your a milk drinker. These help keep a normal ph balance in your uterus and vagina. It's worked for me. Try it out.
Yes by consuming yogurt every day. One container daily will keep the bacteria away and the vaginal acid boric vaginal yeast infections from happening.

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